Research Agenda

Intergenerational Strategies for Supporting Children, Youth, Older Adults, Families, and Communities.

Intergenerational Programs Evaluation


(by Mariano Sanchez) See Chapter 7 (pg. 104) On "Evaluating Intergenerational Programmes to Improve Community" by Matt Kaplan.

Multiple Layers of Analysis
Older Adult Residents and the School Tax Base

A concentration of senior citizens in a community can be a financial boon to a school district, rather than an adversary, unless the group includes a high percentage of newcomers with few, if any, emotional ties with the area, according to two Penn State experts.

Research on Intergenerational Programs in Early Childhood Education Settings

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School-Based Intergenerational Programs

This is the title of a 2001 article published by the UNESCO Institute for Education (and written by Matt Kaplan). The focus of the paper is on intergenerational programs implemented in schools. Discussion centers primarily on how such initiatives enhance and reinforce the educational curriculum, contribute to student learning and personal growth, enrich the lives of senior adult participants, and have a positive impact on the surrounding communities.

Guidelines & Standards for Intergenerational Practice

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As the intergenerational field continues to take form and grow, we must pay more attention to how professionals who work in this field are trained. In the “Standards of Intergenerational Practice” article presented by Liz Larkin (University of South Florida) and Vicki Rosebrook (University of Findlay) help to define what “competency” means for those who engage in intergenerational work. They share a set of standards which, though in draft form, is an invaluable document in helping to define and promote exemplary practice in this field.

External Resources
Intergenerational Evaluation Toolkit


A 2019 report from Generations United and the Eisner Foundation. Written by Shannon Jarrott (Ohio State University).

Benefits of Intergenerational Programs

Fact Sheet and "Making the Case for Intergenerational Programs" report - from Generations United (2021). Written by Ernest Gonzales, Rachel Kruchten and Cliff Whetung (New York University).

Intergenerational Shared Sites - Research and Resources

Includes links to various reports and resources on intergenerational shared sites from Generations United, such as an article on "Federal funding opportunities for intergenerational shared sites" (2020), an "Intergenerational shared site fact sheet" (2020), and an "Intergenerational Evaluation Toolkit" (2019).

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Matthew Kaplan, Ph.D.
  • Professor, Intergenerational Programs and Aging

Contact Us

Matthew Kaplan, Ph.D.
  • Professor, Intergenerational Programs and Aging