Activities and curricula designed to engage youth and older adults in constructive dialogue about their community and issues about community development.

Futures Festival

An Intergenerational Perspective to Community Development

Heritage Circles

This activity matches older adults, who are knowledgeable about the distinctive history of an area, with young people who would like to learn more about that history. Before the event, the older adults prepare brief presentations on select aspects of the area’s historical and cultural heritage; at the event, they are paired with children/youth on a rotating basis.

Intergenerational Community Development ... A Practice Guide

PDF document, 1.3 MB

Intergenerational Unity Forums

An intergenerational approach for addressing community issues - Applications in the UK (Kaplan & Hatton-Yeo, 2008).

Aging in Place ... with a Little Help from Our Friends

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An overview for Grantmakers about aging in the community

Intergenerational Contact Zones: A Compendium of Applications

This online publication consists of 14 chpaters that highlight specific applications of the Intergenerational Contact Zones (ICZ) concept. The focus is on creating community settings that welcome age- and generation- diverse populations, provide opportunities for meaningful intergenerational engagement, and enrich community life.

All In Together: Creating Places Where Young and Old Thrive.

This 2018 report from Generations United and The Eisner Foundation includes the findings of two national surveys, profiles of model programs and recommendations for how we can increase the number of intergenerational shared sites.

An intergenerational outdoor space constructed in Baltimore, MD

AARP Maryland, AARP Foundation and their Experience Corps Program as well as Real School Gardens and Baltimore City Schools worked together to create this space at a Baltimore inner city elementary school. They worked within the parameters of their available budget, the skills and capacity of each partner, and the assets of their desired location.

Planning Across Generations

The Planning Across Generations project, led by Professor Mildred Warner (Department of City and Regional Planning at Cornell University), addresses how communities can benefit from planning to meet the needs of both families with children and the aging population.

American Planning Association: Family Friendly Communities

A toolkit for planning, engagement and action.

La Piazza

Technology enhanced public spaces for intergenerational learning.

The Viable Futures Center: Age-Wave Community Planning

A body of resources introducing various approaches for addressing the issues presented by the demographic trend of population aging. The orientation is one of promoting coordinated planning across organizations, governmental units, and commissions.

Intergenerational Spaces Lab (Spain)

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Matthew Kaplan, Ph.D.
  • Professor, Intergenerational Programs and Aging

Contact Us

Matthew Kaplan, Ph.D.
  • Professor, Intergenerational Programs and Aging