Penn State Intergenerational Program

Through this Penn State Extension program, we develop new intergenerational initiatives and study their impact on program participants and surrounding communities. Our primary goal is to provide leadership and resource support for organizations —within Pennsylvania and beyond— interested in establishing intergenerational programs that enrich people's lives and help address vital social and community issues.

Discover a collection of activities for educators, human and community service professionals, and families interested in facilitating intergenerational understanding and cooperation.

Popular Resources


FRIDGE = Food Related Intergenerational Discussion Group Experiences. This is a curriculum to help families communicate better, learn more about food and nutrition, and work as partners to achieve their healthy eating goals.

Future Festival: Facilitator's Guide

A ‘Futures Festival’ is an intergenerational community visioning event designed to engage people of all ages in constructive dialogue about community development issues.

Generations United for Environmental Awareness and Action

This publication is a collaboration between Generations United and Penn State Cooperative Extension. Generations United (GU) is the national membership organization focused solely on improving the lives of children, youth, and older people through intergenerational strategies, programs, and policies.

Hi Tech and Low Tech Ways to Engage Socially Isolated Older Adults

On April 15, 2020, Penn State Extension conducted a webinar entitled, "Strategies for Engaging Older Adults in this Era of 'Social Distancing'." This webpage consists of links to: the recording of the webinar; relevant video clips, articles, organizations, and other resources noted in this webinar; and follow up articles from Penn State.

Intergenerational Activities Sourcebook

This sourcebook captures the best of what has been developed over the years and is rich with concrete exercises designed to break the ice and begin bringing the generations together. It’s practical and as accessible to first timers as it is to seasoned pros.

Intergenerational Contact Zones: A Compendium of Applications

Intergenerational Contact Zones serve as spatial focal points for different generations to meet, interact, build relationships, and engage in joint activities.

Intergenerational Leadership Institute

The ILI is a certificate-training program for older adults seeking new lifelong learning experiences, skills, and volunteer opportunities to contribute to innovation and change in their communities.

Support for Kinship Families

Information on resources and support services for PA relative caregivers and the children they are raising.

Using Technology to Connect Generations

Results from a 2013 survey of 46 intergenerational programs that use technology in creative and effective ways to connect the generations. A joint Penn State University – Generations United initiative.

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