Information to help start family conversations concerning estate planning, transferring farm ownership and family relationship issues.

Farm Succession Planning

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- Conversations to Strengthen Farm & Family

Communication Barriers to Family Farm Succession Planning

Many farm families fail to take succession planning actions even when information is available on the tax, business organization, and investment aspects of this process. In semi-structured interviews conducted with multi-generational members of nine small farm families in Pennsylvania, most respondents attributed a high level of importance to succession planning, but conceded that they had not done enough planning.

Will your Family Farm Continue?


by Penn State Extension Farm Management Agent Roland Freund

How Do US Farmers Plan for Retirement?

USDA Economic Research Service: April 2005, Amber Waves - The economics of Food, Farming, Natural Resources, and Rural America

Family Farm Succession Planning: Balancing Professional Responsibility with Client Needs for Help with Family Relationship Issues


Article in San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review

Estate and Succession Planning for Farm and Forest Landowners

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Online book (2013). Companion resource for eLearning curriculum. University Park, PA: Penn State University. Authors: John Becker, Matt Kaplan, Keith Dickinson, and Michael Jacobson.

Farm Succession Checklist

An in-depth list of questions to consider when beginning succession planning.

Farm Family Stressors: Private Problems, Public Issue

This policy brief, authored by Bonnie Braun, Ph.D., provides us with critical research on farm families and the unique challenges these families face because their business and their family life are so intertwined.

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  • Professor, Intergenerational Programs and Aging