Appendix 5: Web-based Resources to Get Healthy Recipes for Low Cost Meals

  • SNAP–Ed Connection: Low-cost healthy recipes created by nutrition professionals working in FNS nutrition assistance programs throughout the country. 
  • Eating Smart, A Nutrition Resource List for Consumers: Compilation of resources (books, newsletter, web sites) on general nutrition and healthy eating for the consumer. /gen/eatsmart.html
  • A website where people post recipes. User-friendly, searchable database of recipes. Nutrient analysis is available; how¬ever there is no criterion for posting.
  • Delicious Decisions, American Heart Association: online book features hearthealthy recipes, including their nutritional content. The Recipes section under the Cookbook tab allows you to search for recipes with specific ingredients you might be interested in using. Also included is general nutrition information and shopping tips.
  • Recipe Finder: A database of recipes submitted by nutrition and health professionals.