Curricula and Activities

A large collection of intergenerational activities for enriching lives, strengthening families, and building cohesive, caring communities.
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A Game of Intergenerational Discovery. This game will help you discover fun activities to do with family members or friends.

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This sourcebook captures the best of what has been developed over the years and is rich with concrete exercises designed to break the ice and begin bringing the generations together. It’s practical and as accessible to first timers as it is to seasoned pros.

Ideas for Intergenerational Acitivities

In this curriculum to promote understanding across generations and cultures, proverbs are used to help youth and older adults become more aware of social and cultural stereotypes and promote tolerance and understanding.

An intergenerational approach to community participation. "Futures Festival" is a special event designed to engage people of all ages in constructive dialogue about community development issues. It is geared primarily toward youths and older adults.