Healthy Community Network

Healthy Community Network, formerly known as Healthy York Network, is a collaboration of private and public partners working to improve access to healthcare services for those in our region who are uninsured and underinsured. We also run a non-profit pharmacy in conjunction with our program.

Basic Information

Phone Number
717-812-2990 (or 800-429-2430)
116 South George St., Suite 101
York, PA 17401
Geographical area(s) in which services are provided
York County

Program Information

Basic Living Resources
  • Health resources/advice/advocacy
  • For the Adult (formal or informal training in childcare; e.g. certificate program or continuing education course)
  • We have a nurse disease manager who does some education work with patients with chronic health conditions.

Assistance Needed

What assistance might your group/program need to better obtain your objective(s) (e.g., identifying potential speakers, gathering information, obtaining publications, etc.)?
Insofar as our pharmacy is run as a non-profit entity, we could always put financial contributions to good use.

Additional Comments

We also have a case worker who works out of Adams County. For more information about services in Adams County, call 800-429-2430.