Works to ensure that all children have the resources needed for a quality public education.

The GrandFamily Resource, a program of SOWN, provides parenting education workshops, sharing of resources, individual counselling and on-going support for grandparents, and other relatives, raising the children. The groups meet weekly in the community and on the phone. The GrandFamily Resource Center also helps grandparents gain more skill utilizing tablet technology with our iConnect program. We are also planning to start an intergenerational literacy program in the spring of 2019. For information about all our programs please contact Arlene Segal at 215-487-3000 ext. 11 or

The Grandma’s Kids program targets children in kinship placement, informal care and foster care who are primarily grandparents raising their grandchildren. However, we also serve children who are low-income, at-risk of violence and disparities that can mitigate their academic progress. The Grandma’s Kids after-school program focuses on the student via homework and academic support as well as providing social-emotional support through an SEL program for violence prevention. Social work interns facilitate the curriculum on a weekly basis. Our goal is to support children on their journey toward their academic success.

An after-school program with a support component for the support of the caregiving grandparents. Our staff is dedicated to educating and empowering the children in the neighborhood. We provide a welcoming environment, focus the programs on academic enrichment, and nurture values of honest, open communication respect, and social responsibility.

Prevention program which is available free of charge to any Philadelphia resident: free support groups for parents, teens & children, information and referral, training and consultation on organizing and leading support groups, speakers bureau specializing in family issues.

Turning Points for Children offers parenting education/support groups throughout the city of Philadelphia. Groups meet weekly for 12 weeks. These groups provide parents with learning tools and strategies to help cope with the challenges of parenting, strengthen family relationships, and promote the healthy development of children. Support groups offered include: Pregnant and parenting teen mothers in our “Time Out for Teens & Tots” program Expectant and Teen Fathers (additional individual supportive services offered with this program) Adult Fathers (additional individual supportive services offered with this program) Adult parents/caregivers/grandparents/foster parents/kinship providers