GrandFamily Support Group

GrandFamilies are households that are headed by grandparents or other relatives who are sharing their home with nieces, nephews, grandchildren or other related children. This is a new program. Childcare is provided. Legal and financial topics are presented in some of the sessions, while other sessions provide a chance for participants to discuss problems and challenges in their daily lives. We do plan to have time for general discussion among participants and will have guest speakers on some evenings to discuss various topics of interest. The group meets alternate Wed. evenings at the Government Services Center on Westtown Rd. in West Chester. The Chester County GrandFamilies group includes several children’s groups for ages 2 – 18 on the same evenings that the adults meet.

Basic Information

Chester County Dept. of Children, Youth, and Families
Contact Person
Shadell Quinones
Phone Number
Chester County Government Services Center
601 Westtown Road
West Chester, PA 19380

Program Information

Social/Emotional Support
  • Caregiver Support Groups - Discussions about topics such as finances, legal custody, emotional stress, and resources.


Frequency Of Meetings

Additional Comments

Our support groups have six sessions in the Fall (Sept - Nov) and six sessions in the Spring (Mar -May) on alternate Wednesday evenings. This group was formed in 2010 and will have other events as the group needs them, such as one day respite days or financial information days. The support groups are a collaboration of several agencies: The Chester County Dept. of Children, Youth & Families, The Chester County Dept. of Aging, The Chester County Dept. of MH/IDD, and Child and Family Focus.
--Alternative contact: Heidi Carlson (610-344-6364;