About This Website

Information and resources available for kinship care families.

In recent years, there has been a a dramatic increase in the number of families with grandparents raising grandchildren. This trend is very clearly seen throughout Pennsylvania as well as across the nation, where it is estimated that one in ten grandparents have been the primary support of a grandchild at sometime in their lives. Many factors contribute to this trend,including increasing prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, incarceration, and divorce.

To support grandparents raising grandchildren families and help them navigate through the unique set of emotional, legal, and daily living challenges they face, many organizations and groups have emerged. Penn State Extension, AARP's Pennsylvania state office, and the Pennsylvania Department of Aging collaborated to create this listing of programs, which includes information on over 100 groups and organizations across the Commonwealth that provide services for the benefit of grandparents who care for grandchildren.

These programs will be updated periodically, particularly as more services are identified which address the growing needs in this area. To update or add listings, please make your suggestions directly on the website.

For more information about intergeneratonal programs and practices (including what is taking place at the national and international levels), visit: