Innovative Intergenerational Program for Increasing Physical Activity (from Iowa State University)

Posted: May 12, 2014

Iowa State University’s LIFE [“Living (Well through) Intergenerational Fitness and Exercise”] program is designed to increase older adults’ mobility through physical activity thereby lowering their risk for falls and fall-related injuries. Using exergaming equipment, younger adult volunteers increase access for at-risk older rural populations to sustainable, low cost, physical activity programming.

To learn more about Iowa State’s program, check out their website.

The Iowa State University LIFE program is also one of the 46 programs highlighted in the “Using Technology to Connect Generations” report and database, which resulted from a joint Penn State University-Generations United study. The report and program profiles from this study, Iowa State University LIFE Program) are available online. [See page 25 of the Profiles document for a summary of the Iowa State program.]