Comprehensive child development programs serving eligible children from age 3 to age 5 and their families: ■ Child-focused with the overall goal of increasing school readiness of young children ■ Home visits are completed to establish and develop staff and family relationships ■ Parent involvement is a key element - parents participate in every aspect of the program, including program governance

Basic Information

Community Action Southwest-Head Start
Contact Person
Kathy Catalano
Phone Number
Fax Number
150 West Beau Street, Suite 304
Washington, PA 15301
Geographical area(s) in which services are provided
Greene, Washington Counties
Approximate Number Of Families Serviced

Program Information

Education Services

● Full-day, school year services through center based and home-based settings

● Age appropriate activities in a responsive learning environment

● Classrooms and group socialization sites located throughout Washington and Greene Counties

● Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom with their children

Home Based Services

● School year education and social services provided through home visits and monthly socialization days

● Parents are guided and encouraged in their role as the primary educator

● Concepts of empowerment, strength building, resource matching, community involvement and family independence are introduced and supported

Program Description:

Assistance Needed

What assistance might your group/program need to better obtain your objective(s) (e.g., identifying potential speakers, gathering information, obtaining publications, etc.)?
Gathering and obtaining resource information.

Contact Us

Matthew Kaplan, Ph.D.
  • Professor, Intergenerational Programs and Aging

Contact Us

Matthew Kaplan, Ph.D.
  • Professor, Intergenerational Programs and Aging