Germany demonstrates increasing appreciation for intergenerational work. Visit three amazing cities and experience their contributions to intergenerational practice. Last tour was 2008

Learning objectives

  • Take this unique opportunity to visit intergenerational sites!
  • Share your experience with international experts in the field!
  • Enjoy a "Learning Holiday" - explore German culture! "I learned that every country is coping with this new situation (aging population trend) in the own unique ways, and Germany is really an advanced in this area." (participant from Japan)

"It's a great tour-- we saw different settings and programs. We were also taken care of by good meals and hotels. Enough information but not too busy." (participant from Taiwan)

"I found the meeting to be very interesting, especially since for me the focus on specific aspects and forms of intergenerational projects was something new" (project manager in Germany of a project where IP happened rather incidentally)

"Wow!! Germany really is 'the intergenerational country.' The quantity and quality of the intergenerational work happening here is very impressive." (participant from the USA)

"… an extraordinary experience and opportunity for exchange and networking for all people involved, guests and hosts." (member of the Study Tour Planning Team)

" The visit of the participants of the Study Tour … has been refreshing and stimulating. … Events like this contribute to (international) exchanges and the chance to learn from each other." (project manager)

"We were impressed by the kindness and the real interest of the Study Tour participants in our project, which we think can also be implemented in other countries." (project manager)



PDF document, 177.7 KB

Final report on the Germany Intergenerational Study tour of 2008. By Tabea Schlimbach and Iris Marreel.

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Matthew Kaplan, Ph.D.
  • Professor, Intergenerational Programs and Aging

Contact Us

Matthew Kaplan, Ph.D.
  • Professor, Intergenerational Programs and Aging