Multiple Layers of Analysis


Multiple Layers of AnalysisImpact on the Participants:

  • Indices of physical and mental health
  • Attitudes toward other generations
  • Sense of social connectedness

The Interaction:

  • Communication tempo and flow
  • Factors affecting interaction dynamic –e.g., differences in status, communication skills, etc.
  • Patterns of relationship formation

Family Context:

  • Previous intergenerational experiences
  • Opportunities and attitudes toward caregiving
  • Family strengthening opportunities

Program Intervention:

  • Effectiveness of the intervention agent –e.g., facilitation skills and style
  • How decisions about program structure affect level of program success


  • Impact on community support/caregiving systems
  • Program impact on community social climate and the physical environment.
  • Program impact on participants’ level of community engagement.

[Kaplan and Liu, 2003]