Materials Needed for Training

Activity 1

Family Food Puzzle

  • Flip Chart
  • A pair of scissors (to cut puzzle pieces)
  • A puzzle template (one per family)

Activity 2

Making Decisions About Food — 
From Me to We

  • Sets of colored dot stickers (4 different colors), one set per family
  • Copies of handouts 1 and 2 for each family

Activity 3

Dinnertime: What Does it Mean to Eat Together

  • Copies of the handout: “Dinnertime” (one per family)

Activity 4

Sharing Visions — How We Work Together 
to Eat Healthfully

  • Copies of the handout: “Sharing Visions — Teamwork” (one per person plus one per family)
  • Pens/pencils

Activity 5

Out with the Unhealthy and In with the Healthy

  • Paper and pencils
  • 1–2 pairs of scissors per family
  • 1–2 food advertisement flyers from the grocery store (per family)
  • Small paper clips (about 15–20 per family)
  • 2 metal clothes hangers per family
  • MyPlate food guidance system chart/information (can be same handout used in the Dietary Knowledge Timeline activity — see section 2 of the FRIDGE curriculum)