The Better Kid Care Program endeavors to provide trainings, workshops,and printed materials to child care providers, whether they are providing care for children of their own or for others. We encourage grandparents to take advantage of these services.

Program provides support and guidance to caregivers caring for older adults along with reimbursements for goods and services they use for the older adult. A $2000 grant is also available for reimbursement of money spent on home modifications needed to provide a safer home environment.

COBYS Kinship Navigation includes a Navigator that is available to connect kinship caretakers to needed resources in the community. A website, information line, and in-person meetings will be available for kinship caregivers to access on an as-needed basis. Additionally, the kinship navigation program offers monthly educational support sessions and seminars, addressing pertinent topics and providing support from other kinship caregivers. Childcare is available at all meetings.