The GRRY Program assists grandparent headed households access services and develop a network of support to raise resilient youth.

This site was created to allow families of the Southeastern, PA area access to community activities and events, local classes, parenting resources, information for children and adults with special needs and networking opportunities right at their fingertips!

o Services Provided: ▪ Nutrition education to ensure healthy eating habits and growth ▪ Breastfeeding education and support ▪ Vouchers to help families purchase nutritious foods high in vitamins and minerals ▪ Immunization record checks ▪ Iron deficiency screenings ▪ Dental health counseling ▪ Farmer’s Market vouchers for fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables ▪ Individual counseling and referrals for other health and human services -- WIC is for any pregnant, breastfeeding, and non-breastfeeding women of any age; infants and children under 5 years of age who: • Meet WIC income guidelines • Have a nutritional or medical need • Live in Pennsylvania o Grandparents mush have custody of child or come with child and parent to act as proxy