Overview of Curriculum

Session Titles and Objectives for the FRESH Curriculum

Session 1: Sustaining the Garden

Objectives: Overview of program, introduction to gardening in Pennsylvania

Session 2: Sustaining our Bodies

Objectives: Learn about healthy eating, proper portions, and cooking your own food

Session 3: Sustaining our Families

Objectives: Examining the importance of family communication and its impact on food choices

Session 4: Sustaining our Communities

Objectives: Introduction to local food systems, learning how when local farms benefit it benefits the entire community

Session 5: Sustaining our Planet

Objectives: Discovering how food choices impact the local and global environment

Session 6: Sustaining our Hopes for the Future

Objectives: Taking the lessons learned in the first five sessions and how to apply them in the future

The FRESH program was developed by Misha Moschera, as part of her Master’s (M.Ed.) thesis in the AYFCE (Applied Youth, Family, and Community Education) program in the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education at Penn State University. Thesis title: A Case Study of a Family Based Intervention for Introducing Sustainable Agriculture into Limited Income Communities. 2011. [For more information, contact Misha at: