Put Your Family Caregiving on the Map (from the Atlas of Caregiving Pilot)

Posted: May 3, 2016

The Atlas of Caregiving Pilot offers information on how caregivers can create their own care map. A care map is a helpful way to visually represent all the people and services involved in a family caregiving situation.
Example of a Care map (Mike Stevens, Nov. 2015)

Example of a Care map (Mike Stevens, Nov. 2015)

Once completed, a family’s care map will show all the individuals who are providing care and the relationships between them. The Atlas of Caregiving website provides a 5-minute video documenting the process.

Rajiv Mehta, Principal Investigator of the Atlas of Caregiver project, notes that the care map seems to have struck a chord with many. One line of recent interest took the form of a community foundation in Santa Barbara, CA organizing a series of care map workshops for small groups of family caregivers and social workers. In these workshops, Mr. Mehta shows participants how to draw a care map, helps them draw their own, and then leads a discussion about their reflections on what they created.