Remembering Bob Kasey, Jr.

Posted: January 2, 2014

The following information is from Leah Bradley, Program Director, Generations United. [Ed: Leah interned at Creative Grandparenting while in college. In fact, it was Bob who first introduced her to Generations United. Bob passed away in 1999.]

Robert A. Kasey, Jr. was the founder of Creative Grandparenting, Inc. in 1990, a non-profit aimed at inspiring, enabling and empowering caring adults to engage young people in purposeful interactions and trusting relationships that are developmental for both, and benefit families, schools and communities. This organization was based in Wilmington, Delaware and concentrated on three main areas: family grandparenting, mentoring and community grandparenting. Kasey had worked for DuPont Company for 35 years and after retiring, decided he wanted to become a better grandparent for his three young granddaughters. He researched grandparent literature and discovered he was not alone in feeling a lack of grandparenting skills. After planning an extensive vacation with his family, including his granddaughters, and consciously working to be inventive and engaged, Kasey took his new found passion and started a new life direction, forming Creative Grandparenting, Inc., an organization that positively impacted the lives of thousands of students and mentors. The organization started by issuing a newsletter and conducing workshops on grandparenting and intentional relationships. The work then expanded to the development of Creative Mentoring, as Kasey wanted to also impact the lives of children who needed a caring older adult in their life, and may not have a grandparent.  Creative Mentoring was based on a unique developmental model to enhance interactions between young people and caring older adults, and provided free mentor training and mentoring manuals. In addition, Kasey was a relentless volunteer, spending many hours volunteering through the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Rotary International and other organizations.  Over the years, Bob was recognized for his commitment to bettering his community with awards such as the 1996 National Governor’s Award for Distinguished Service to State Government, the Delaware Governor’s Volunteer of the Year Award and the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce “Superstars in Education Award.” Creative Grandparenting, Inc. is still thriving, under the name Connecting Generations.