Potential Number of Caregivers to Plummet over the Next 20 years

Posted: January 2, 2014

[The following summary of this research from AARP comes from the Caregiving Policy Digest (FCS), Vol. 8, #8, Sept. 12, 2013.]

Family caregivers provide a majority of long term care services. Currently there are 7 family caregivers for each person over the age of 80, but by 2030 there will be only 2.9 caregivers for each person over 80.  As baby boomers age, they are transitioning from providing care to requiring care. The rapidly increasing demand for care, coupled with smaller families to provide support, makes establishing a U.S. comprehensive policy for long-term care services essential. Demographic changes are analyzed, and a call is made for a national integrated policy on long term care, that includes strong family support. To read more, click here.