Pew Study: A Global Perspective on Attitudes About Aging

Posted: May 12, 2014

This Pew study reports on the findings of an extensive survey of 22,425 respondents in 21 countries conducted from March to April 2013 to measure public opinion on a variety of challenges faced by aging persons and their countries.

The report also examines trends in the aging of the global population, the U.S. population, and the populations in 22 other selected countries. Japan, China, South Korea and most countries in Europe will be challenged by greater numbers of elderly supported by a shrinking workforce. The elderly in these countries are more concerned with how they will fare in the future. India and most African countries have a more favorable balance of young workers and the elderly, a potentially advantageous trend for economic growth.  When asked if aging was a problem in their country respondents in the United States, Indonesia and Egypt expressed the least concern- while those in Japan, South Korea, China, Germany, and Spain expressed a high level of concern.

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[From the Caregiving Policy Digest, Volume 4, #2, March 10, 2014]