New Cities: Retirement and Campus Living

Posted: January 2, 2014

[From AGHE’s TEACHING GERONTOLOGY, Dec. 16, 2013 (H.R. Moody, Editor) newsletter:] The University of Kansas in Lawrence "New Cities” Initiative was launched in April 2010 and since that time has been investigating the aging of Baby Boomers in retirement, as well as past and future models of retirement housing. As a part of that initiative, the University has invited experts representing many disciplines to give presentations for their Boomer Futures Think Tank. An important focus has been on intergenerational relationships between Boomers and other generations. A sponsored speakers series has included Prof. Victor Regnier (University of South California); architect Susanne Stadler (Oakland, California); and Prof. Phil Stafford (Indiana University) in order to encourage understanding about intergenerational living and the architecture of campus retirement communities.

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