"Generationes" Publishes Multilingual Compendium on Intergenerational Terminology

Posted: January 2, 2014

The following e-mail from Mariano Sanchez, Professor of Sociology at the University of Granada, introduces a new resource published by “Generationes” (an international network for the study of intergenerational issues).

October 26, 2013

Dear colleagues,

Research in the analysis of the dynamics of private and public intergenerational relationships, including international and cultural comparisons, is a popular and important theme in the social and cultural sciences, politics, and practice. For this reason, an understanding of the conceptual foundations – one that takes into account the diversity of languages – is helpful. To this end, the members of the international network GENERATIONES (with support from the University of Konstanz) have created a multilingual compendium that is also helpful in teaching. It has been composed to make direct comparisons between the German, English, French, Italian and Spanish versions possible and to stimulate the exchange of ideas.

Best regards,


[Note: To access the compendium online, click here.]