Community AGEnda: A Partnership between Grantmakers in Aging and The Pfizer Foundation

Posted: April 10, 2013

[From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Aging and Sustainability Monthly E-Newsletter – March/April 2013] Aging in place: it's what most people say they want to do. Unfortunately, many live in communities that are not prepared for an aging population. That's why GIA is pleased to be partnering with the Pfizer Foundation on a new initiative called Community AGEnda: Improving America for All Ages. Its goal: to help America's communities become more "age-friendly," meaning, great places to grow up and to grow old.

Community AGEnda has identified five communities pursuing exciting projects tailored to the needs and strengths of their region, and has awarded them a total of $750,000 to advance their work. In each of the five communities, which are located in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, the greater Kansas City area,and the state of Indiana, one local non-profit organization received a one-year grant for $150,000.  To read about the sites, click HERE. To read about the latest AGEnda news, click HERE.