From the Editor

Posted: December 19, 2012

This issue of the Ideas for Intergenerational Living newsletter is the first with our new format. We have moved away from creating newsletters as large pdf file attachments and depositing them to a web-based archive of old newsletters.

We will now introduce news items in quarterly e-mails and link them to searchable files (in html format) on my website. In short, this will add to the searchability and user friendliness of the newsletter. It also reflects changes in the configuration and management of all websites affiliated with Penn State Extension, including my Intergenerational Programs & Aging website. I welcome your feedback on this new format, and extend my open invitation to use our newsletter as a vehicle to publish your news about recent research, resources, and events in the intergenerational studies field.

Best Regards,

Matt Kaplan, Professor
Intergenerational Programs and Aging
Penn State University