From the Editor

Posted: March 20, 2012

In this issue, we discuss a session conducted at the state 4-H Leadership Conference, update of meetings & resources in the Philadelphia area, Better Kid Care's new online training, and University of South Alabama's Center for Generational Studies.

This issue of Ideas for Intergenerational Living begins with an article about 4-H through the Generations, a session conducted at the 2012 State 4-H Leadership Conference and 4-H Leaders Forum in Pennsylvania to celebrate the 100-year signpost of 4-H youth programming in the state.

Next, Brenda Rich, in her Relative Caregivers Rock! column, provides an update of recent meetings and resources to support relative caregiver families in Philadelphia.

This is followed by an announcement of Better Kid Care’s new online training module in intergenerational programming for child care center administrators.

This issue also introduces the University of South Alabama’s Center for Generational Studies and highlights several new books, events, and online resources and reports.

Matt Kaplan, Professor
Intergenerational Programs and Aging
Penn State University