Experiencing Grandparenthood: An Asian Perspective

Posted: March 15, 2012

(Book Announcement) – edited by Kalyani K. Mehta, University of SIM, and Leng Leng Thang, Na-tional University of Singapore – is the first book to focus on grandpar-enting issues across Asian socie-ties which are facing rapid demo-graphic, social, and cultural transformations.

As the population of Asia grows older, attention turns to the growing numbers of grandparents, and the important family and societal roles they play. This book traces the sociocultural, economic and family transformations in the role of grandparents that result from a century of modernization, urbanization and demographic aging. Filling a gap in the current literature, Experiencing Grandparenthood: An Asian Perspective seeks to answer such vital questions as: What is the state of grandparenting in the Asian context today? How do the roles and functions of grandparents differ depending on rural/urban differences, their relations with daughters and daughters-in-law, and changing health of the grandparents? This multidisciplinary, cross-national and intergenerational publication lends voice to the experience of grandparents in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. To order, visit: