Community Building

Posted: December 7, 2012

From the Intergenerational Center at Temple University. New resources, an experiential training workshop, and a Leadership for All Ages Train the Trainer workshop are available.


Based on lessons learned from Communities for All Ages, an intergenerational community building initiative that currently operates in 20 sites around the country, the Intergenerational Center has developed a set of materials to help your community become a great place for growing up and growing older. Materials include: experiential training workshops, Resource Guide, Lessons Learned report (2012 Lessons Learned Publication), and a short video.

Community Building Training:

This two-day, experiential workshop will provide participants with tangible strategies for enhancing cross-sector collaboration, expanding leadership roles for all ages, developing policies, practices and places that support intergenerational interaction and addressing critical issues from a lifespan perspective.  A national cross-site evaluation of Communities for All Ages has demonstrated the value of intergenerational strategies in improving well-being across the lifespan and enhancing the capacity of communities to effectively solve critical concerns.

Leadership for All Ages Train the Trainer Workshop:

This two day workshop qualifies trainers to facilitate Leadership for All Ages, a 30 hour training program designed to engage residents of all generations, in solving critical community problems together. The train the trainer program emphasizes strategies for teaching community organizing, team building, problem solving, conflict management and other leadership skills from an intergenerational perspective and with multiple age groups. Participants will also gain concrete techniques for building trust and engagement across age and other divides.

These resources can be accessed for FREE from the home page of the Communities for All Ages website

The Communities for All Ages Video highlighting New Rochelle, NY is a six minute video about the power of intergenerational leadership and community building practices.

For more information on Temple’s Communities for All Ages trainings and resources, go to:, or send an e-mail to: