Center for Generational Studies—University of South Alabama

Posted: March 14, 2012

Founded in 2011, the USA Center for Generational Studies (CGS) is a partnership between the University of South Alabama Programs in Gerontology and the Via Health, Fitness and Enrichment Center.
University of Souther Alabama's Center for Generational Studies

University of Souther Alabama's Center for Generational Studies

“All Ages Sharing, Listening and Learning”

Via is a community-based, multi-purpose center for older adults facilitating the practice of preventative healthcare, physical fitness, continuous learning, socialization and recreation. Via is utilized as a living laboratory to research and create solutions for similar issues (diseases, social problems) among youth, older adults and families.
In addition, various USA academic disciplines were involved in the creation of the CGS and work collaboratively on research and education projects, including Medicine and Allied Health, Engineering and Computer Sciences, Continuing Education and Leisure Studies and Sociology.

CGS focus areas include: increasing community based services; professional and volunteer training; multi-generational approaches in research and program delivery; and research to keep people and families healthy across generations.

CGS programs and activities include: an intern program with USA students completing internships in various programs at the Via Center; the USA Intergenerational Recreation and Wellness Course - a partnership with Via and the Mobile Housing Board in which students develop health, education and recreation programs for older adults; intergenerational arts, music and outreach programs with area schools; and the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program – a partnership between Via and HandsOn South Alabama utilizing specially trained volunteers of all ages to help elderly neighbors keep their independence through telephone calls to monitor safety, general health and well-being.

This year, the CGS received its first grant with the USA Department of Family Medicine. The Via Wellness Clinic was established and provides weekly, on-site geriatric counseling for the low income elderly in the area. During consultations, a certified Geriatrician and USA medical interns provide assessments in weight, blood pressure, oxygen-level testing, glucose testing, eye and ear testing and medication counseling.

For more information on the CGS and its programs and activities, contact:

Roma S. Hanks, Ph.D.
Academic/Research Director
University of South Alabama

Barbara E. Estes
Director of Resource Development
Via Health, Fitness & Enrichment Center