From the Editor
December 19, 2012
This issue of the Ideas for Intergenerational Living newsletter is the first with our new format. We have moved away from creating newsletters as large pdf file attachments and depositing them to a web-based archive of old newsletters.
Happy Birthday to the Pennsylvania 4-H program – You don’t look a day over 100 years old!!
December 17, 2012
Pennsylvania 4-H, the youth-development program administered by Penn State Extension, has been cultivating versatile children for a century. During the last 100 years, it has evolved from its agricultural roots into a globally competitive program offering educational opportunities on everything from government to robotics.
Bloopers and False Starts: Paying Attention to the Challenges of Intergenerational Work
December 15, 2012
Written materials and videotape accounts of intergenerational programs tend to emphasize the positive and downplay the difficulties. This makes it difficult for people who are new to the field to gain a realistic sense of the challenges of intergenerational work.
Relative Caregivers Rock!: Kinship Discussion at Center in the Park!
December 13, 2012
The “Center in the Park” on Germantown Avenue was brimming with questions and answers on a recent evening on October 18th, as panelists from the Education Law Center, Parent Power, and the Philadelphia School District addressed the ABC’s of “Standing Up for Your Child in School for Kinship Caregivers in Philadelphia”.
Generations United's 17th International Conference
December 12, 2012
July 30 - Aug. 2, 2013 in Washington, DC. This conference will highlight novel intergenerational approaches for strengthening 7 pathways: our bonds with our environments; civic engagement; the intergenerational workplace; the intergenerational compact; cultural identities; family support systems; and individual wellbeing.
Brabazon Award for Evaluation Research in Intergenerational Programs
December 11, 2012
Generations United will be presenting the Brabazon Award for Evaluation Research for the fourth time during the Generations United 17th International Conference.
America’s Best Intergenerational Communities – Building Livable Communities for Children, Youth, Families and Older Adults
December 10, 2012
A new report from Generations United, Dec 2012. To heighten awareness of the importance intergenerational solidarity plays in building strong, supportive communities, Generations United and MetLife Foundation teamed up to create the Best Intergenerational Communities Awards program.
Hunger and Nutrition in America: What's at Stake for Children, Families & Older Adults
December 9, 2012
A new report on hunger and nutrition in the United States is based on findings of a new poll commissioned by Generations United and conducted by Harris Interactive. Among the report findings, in the past year, nearly one-third of adults in America have either experienced lack of food or been concerned about food insecurity among their family, friends, or neighbors. Equally troubling, one in 10 adults went without a basic need (such as food, medicine, or health care) to provide food for another family member.
Grandparents Investing in Grandchildren: Actions Speak Louder than Words
December 8, 2012
Tip sheet from the MetLife Mature Market Institute with Generations United. Ways grandparents can make the best of their relationships with their grandchildren and have the most impact possible.
Community Building
December 7, 2012
From the Intergenerational Center at Temple University. New resources, an experiential training workshop, and a Leadership for All Ages Train the Trainer workshop are available.
New Caregiving Publications from AARP
December 6, 2012
Protecting Family Caregivers from Employment Discrimination and Home Alone: Family Caregivers Providing Complex Chronic Care are two new publications from AARP
Legacy Project
December 5, 2012
The Legacy Project is an international big-picture learning project working with youth, adults, and elders toward a more meaningful, equitable, and sustainable world. For information on their education campaign that bring youth and elders together to spark conversation over story sharing, learn seven-generation thinking, and apply new ideas in legacy projects that can transform lives and communities
Stepping Up for Kids: What Government and Communities Should Do to Support Kinship Families
December 4, 2012
Annie E. Casey Foundation report on kinship care
From the Editor
August 20, 2012
Articles in this issue of the Ideas for Intergenerational Living newsletter focus on kinship care from a global perspective and an intergenerational reading program that has taken root in Hershey, PA. The newsletter also continues in the tradition of providing highlights of new intergenerational (engagement) resources, reports, conferences, and program innovation.
Zero to Three's Resources for Grandparents
August 19, 2012
Check out ZERO to THREE's newest resources written just for grandparents.
Relative Caregivers Rock!
August 18, 2012
International Approaches to Kinship Care: An Interview with Dr. Joseph Crumbley
Intergenerational Reading Programs in Hershey, PA
August 17, 2012
When Grace Wagler, a 16-year old student home schooled in Hershey, PA, attended a lecture for community members at Penn State College of Medicine that described programs at The Intergenerational School in Cleveland, OH – the first known charter school to invite persons with dementia to serve as mentors for schoolchildren – she was inspired to create two innovative intergenerational reading programs in her home town.
The Forum for Family and Consumer Issues - Special issue on Caregiving
August 13, 2012
The Forum for Family and Consumer Issues has published a special edition on caregiving. This is an e-journal and is free to view online.
New Online Tutorial Provides Overview of Long-Term Care Structure
August 13, 2012
A new tutorial from ex-plains the basics of the U.S. long-term care system in shorter formats that also touch on the key policy issues. The tutorial features 18 short (30-60 seconds) chapters on the fundamentals of long-term care, including recipients, settings, Medicaid, Medicare, and dual eligibles. Chapter 15 focuses on the role of family caregivers in the nation's long-term care system. The text of the narrative can be accessed, as well as the Power-Point slides for each chapter.
Stepping Up for Kids: What Government and Communities should Do to Support Kinship Families
August 13, 2012
In this policy report, the Annie E. Casey Foundation explores the increased number of children living with extended family and close friends, a longtime practice known as kinship care. “Stepping Up for Kids: What Government and Communities Should Do to Support Kinship Families” includes the latest data for states, the District of Columbia, and the nation, as well as a set of recommenda-tions on how to support kinship families.
The American Family Assets Study
August 13, 2012
If you’re interested in learning more about the Search Institute’s The American Family Assets Study, check out their new page on dedicated to family assets: On the right-side of the page, you'll find: study highlights; video clips of young people, adults, and scholars talking about family strengths; discussion starters; a detailed technical report and much more.
Young Caregivers in the US and Caregiving Resource Clearninghouse
August 13, 2012
(From Brookdale Foundation’s Relatives as Parents Program’s Information and Resources notice, June, 19, 2012). Information on the Young Caregivers in the US report. National Alliance for Caregiving's Family Care Resource Clearinghouse.
Can an Adult be Held Responsible for a Parent's Nursing Home Costs?
August 13, 2012
May 30, 2012. Can an adult be held responsible for a parent's medical bills? In Pennsylvania, the answer is yes, according to a dramatic new ruling by the Pennsylvania Superior Court explained by elder law expert Katherine Pearson at Penn State Law in this recent interview. "Pennsylvania's law obligating certain family members to care for and maintain or financially assist indigent family members is now a high-profile matter in Pennsylvania," she said. The case is Health Care & Retirement Corporation of America v. Pittas, decided on May 7, 2012. In that case, a nursing home obtained a judgment against an adult son for the cost of his mother's nursing home care. What makes this case unique in Pennsylvania, said Pearson, is that "it is the first time substantial dollars have been awarded against an adult son to support his mother who is in a nursing home -- almost $93,000. It's a game-changer in terms of the dollars and cents that we are talking about in terms of filial support."
Ageless Education: Researchers Create Guide for Intergenerational Classrooms in Nursing Homes
August 13, 2012
(From Global Action in Aging newsletter, Aug. 6, 2012) A new approach to education allows intermixing of elders and children in the classroom. In an effort to integrate kindergartens and nursing homes into one environment, researcher Stephanie Geller, wrote a book entitled, "Uniting Wonder with Wisdom, An Intergenerational Classroom Replication Guide." She thinks that such projects help ensure that society sees elders as valuable members of society, improve their health, and enhance children's academic and social development.
China: China, too Faces Challenge of an Aging Society
August 13, 2012
(From Global Action on Aging newsletter, May 28, 2012) China is facing the challenge of an aging population. Simultaneously, urbanization and industrialization is weakening traditional family support networks, specifically for senior citizens. Many retired older workers have low pensions and often cannot meet some of their most basic needs. As Chinas population ages, the younger workforce available to work is decreasing. This may not only affect the country’s economy but also the quality of life for elders since there will be less support. How will China manage this situation?
How Older Workers Weather Layoffs
August 13, 2012
(From Global Action on Aging newsletter, June 4, 2012) According to a Government Accountability Office Report, once older workers lose their jobs, they tend to spend a longer time trying to find new work. Using focus groups, it was found that older workers believed that they faced age discrimination and had trouble adjusting to new technological ad-vances, including online job searches. Employers believed that older workers would incur higher health-care costs and would not stay long enough for the employer to reap some benefits.
More Residents are Opting for Aging-in-place
August 13, 2012
(From Global Action on Aging newsletter, May 28, 2012) A Center for Housing Policy study shows that one in four adults will likely end up with a mobility limitation that requires some home renovations. This represents a big potential home building and home modification market. Additionally, most elder homeowners say they want to age in place. In response, the National Association of Home Builders has started a Certification Programs in Aging in Place Specialization for contractors.
In the Backyard, Grandma's New Apartment
August 13, 2012
(From Global Action on Aging newsletter, May 14, 2012) When Dr. Socorrito Baez-Page faced the issue of taking care of her older mother, she found a very interesting and personal option – a MEDCottage. This prefabricated small open-plan home was set up as a free-standing structure in her backyard with special amenities to meet the needs of older people. However, zoning rules create barriers to these structures; only about half of the states allow accessory housing for a family member. These homes allow the elderly to age in place. Additionally, a provision of the Affordable Care Act will pay for health care delivered in the home instead of at the doctor's office, which broadens the capacities of a MEDCottage. Another prefab alternative is Practical Assisted Living Structures. The pod comes with phone and TV cable lines built into the wall (no wires to trip on), a closet with levers that lower the clothes to wheelchair level, motion detectors that automatically turn the knee-high night-light system on, showers with grab bars and various types of no-step entries, wheelchair-accessible sinks and comfort-height toilets.
The Recession's Unexpected Gift: Reviving Multigenerational Living
August 13, 2012
(From GU’s “Generations This Week” July 11, 2012). Looking on the bright side of the recession, a story by Brian Stoffel in
Why Young and Old Americans Have More in Common Than you Think
August 13, 2012
(From GU’s “Generations This Week” July 11, 2012). A well-rounded article by Businessweek's Chris Farrell.
Employers Must Do More to Support Caregiving Workers
August 13, 2012
(From GU’s “Generations This Week” publication - May 9, 2012, Vol. 7, 19). by Sherri Snelling, founder of the Caregiving Club. Years ago, they took steps to help working moms. Now it's time to do the same for caregivers. [Twin Cities Public Television]
New Do Something Grand Action Guide
August 13, 2012
(From Generation United’s Generations This Week – August 22, 2012, Vol. 7, 34) Stumped as to how to Do Something Grand for Grandparents Day? Get our jam-packed action guide. Also, visit and be sure to become a Grand Face Grand Voice on behalf of America's young.
From the Editor
March 20, 2012
In this issue, we discuss a session conducted at the state 4-H Leadership Conference, update of meetings & resources in the Philadelphia area, Better Kid Care's new online training, and University of South Alabama's Center for Generational Studies.
4-H Through the Generations: A Intergenerational Celebration of Pennsylvania 4-H’S Centennial YEAR
March 19, 2012
An intergenerational session called, “4-H through the Generations” began with a pre-banquet dinner panel presentation. The five panelists, ranging in age from 13 to 80, provided brief summaries and highlights from their own 4-H experiences.
Relative Caregivers Rock!
March 18, 2012
Overview of Kinship Care Conversations program in Philadelphia
Developing an Intergenerational Program in Your Child Care Center: New Online Training Module from Penn State’s Better Kid Care
March 16, 2012
Number of Seniors Using the Internet for Fun on the Rise
March 15, 2012
(Report) - a recent survey by Pew Research Center shows a trend of more senior adults going online for fun and to pass time.
Experiencing Grandparenthood: An Asian Perspective
March 15, 2012
(Book Announcement) – edited by Kalyani K. Mehta, University of SIM, and Leng Leng Thang, Na-tional University of Singapore – is the first book to focus on grandpar-enting issues across Asian socie-ties which are facing rapid demo-graphic, social, and cultural transformations.
Slow Food Ireland Celebrates Grandmother’s Day
March 14, 2012
(News from Audrey Maretzki, at Penn State University). On April 21, 2012, Grandmothers’ Day was celebrated in Ireland. To mark the occasion, Slow Food distributed this recipe for Grandma’s Ginger Beer. This is a great example of the passing down of inherited knowledge from generation to generation.
Family Caregiving 2011: Year In Review
March 14, 2012
(Annual report from the Family Caregiver Alliance) The Family Caregiver Alliance released their second annual “Caregiving Year in Review” report during a session at a recent Aging in America conference.
Center for Generational Studies—University of South Alabama
March 14, 2012
Founded in 2011, the USA Center for Generational Studies (CGS) is a partnership between the University of South Alabama Programs in Gerontology and the Via Health, Fitness and Enrichment Center.
Journal of Intergenerational Relationships: Call for papers on the Intergenerational Workforce.
March 13, 2012
For the latest in intergenerational research, practice methods and policy initiatives, subscribe today to the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships (JIR). For more information about the journal, including the current call for papers on the intergenerational workforce.
Housing an Aging Population: Are We Prepared?
March 13, 2012
(Report from the Center for Housing Policy). This April 2012 report from the Center for Housing Policy (written by Barbara Lipman, Jeffrey Lubell, and Emily Salomon) is now available.
Civic Ventures’ Encore Careers Campaign
March 12, 2012 is for people interested in encore careers – jobs that combine personal meaning, continued income and social impact. The site is published by Civic Ventures, a nonprofit think tank on boomers, work and social purpose. While is not a job placement service, it provides free, comprehensive information that helps people transition to jobs in the nonprofit world and the public sector.