Penn State Extension— Relatives as Parents Program (RAPP)

Posted: March 18, 2011

This Penn State Extension RAPP program aims to help relative caregiver families in Pennsylvania to find needed information, resources, and support services.

The RAPP program has four components:

  1. Educational seminars for human service professionals:
    Kinship family simulation workshops are conducted to build professionals’ awareness of the challenges faced by relative caregiver families and the resources available to them.
  2. Educational workshops for relative caregiver families:
    These workshops strengthen caregivers’ childrearing and family communication skills. They are usually conducted as part of kinship family support group meetings.
  3. Kinship Family Retreats:
    Relative caregiver family members spend two days of quality time together in a stress-free, camplike setting and take part in various educational and recreational activities designed to help families address communication and relationship issues.
  4. The PA Kinship Navigator website:
    This is an online database of programs, services, and resources available for relative caregiver families in the state. This is a collaborative effort with the Kinship Institute (Philadelphia, PA) to update and add new resource listings to the database.

For more information, contact:
Janice Hassen, County Extension Director/Family Living Educator,
Penn State Extension in Lawrence County at 724-654-8370, or Matt Kaplan.