From the Editor

Posted: June 20, 2011

Topics for the spring 2011 newsletter include: Intergenerational Workshop at Penn State's 4-H Leadership Conference, Relative Caregivers Rock!, Journal of intergenerational Relationships and other reports & resources

In this issue of Ideas for Intergenerational Living, we highlight local initiatives (such asan intergenerational workshop at the 4-H leadership conference in Pennsylvania),
national initiatives (such as Generations United’s Public Policy Agenda for the 112th
Congress), and international initiatives (such as Beth Johnson Foundation’s announcementof a new resource guide and toolkit to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Centre for Intergenerational Practice, UK). Also included is the fourth installment of our Relative Caregivers Rock! column, written by Brenda Rich at the Kinship Institute. Send us your intergenerational news, and we’ll make sure to post it in future issues.

Best Regards,
Matt Kaplan, Professor
Intergenerational Programs and Aging
Penn State University