From the Editor
December 20, 2011
Topics include: some of the challenges relative caregivers face when raising children of incarcerated parents, GU report: “Family Matters: Multigenerational Families in a Volatile Economy”, and some new resources and reports in the areas of healthy aging, “engaged” aging, support for relative caregiver families, and emergency preparedness.
Relative Caregivers Rock!
December 19, 2011
Adults who are caring for their relative’s children may have experience dealing with the prison system,others may be dealing with unanticipated challenges with regard to ensuring the physical and emotional health of the children in their care.
Generations United Report: One in Six Americans Live in Multigenerational Households
December 18, 2011
A December 2011 report from Generations United, entitled, Family Matters: Multigenerational Families in a Volatile Economy, finds that an increased number of Americans are living in multigenerational households, due in part to the poor economy and also to an increasing number of elders living with family members who provide care.
Articles from the Caregiving Policy Digest
December 17, 2011
Includes: New Fact Sheet: Caregiving With Your Siblings, Gallop: 72% of Employed Caregivers are Caring for a Parent, Study: Adult Day Care Services Reduce Stress for Family Caregivers of Adults with Dementia, and Pennsylvania House Approves Bill to Update PA Family Caregivers Support Act
Articles from the Global Action on Aging Newsletter
December 15, 2011
Includes: Report on The Challenges of Family Caregiving, US: Stressed Elder Caregivers in Need of Solutions; BeClose Seeks to Relieve “Stress in America,” Hitting Caregivers Harder Than Ever, and World: Going to Physician Visits with Older Loved Ones Could Improve Care
Other Topics - Emergencies and Disaster Response
December 11, 2011
Other Topics - Support for Relative Caregiver Families
December 11, 2011
Topics include: GrandFacts Sheets have been Updated and Family Finding Programs for Children in Foster Care.
Other Topics - "Engaged" Aging
December 11, 2011
Based on Report discussing the Large Difference Between "Involvement" and "Engagement" for Seniors.
Other Topics - Healthy Aging
December 11, 2011
Topics include: Report on the Retirement and Health Poll, Go4Life, Upcoming Event: A Celebration of Active Aging, and New Report from the World Health Organization
From the Editor
October 20, 2011
Vol. 11, No. 3, Summer 2011. Topics include: library-based activities in Allegheny county, an intergenerational games event at Mt. Lebanon Village, an award-winning shared site program at the Lutheran Home at Kane, and Grandparents Day celebrations in Philadelphia.
The Intergenerational Library - Innovation from the Allegheny County Library Association
October 19, 2011
The Allegheny County Library Association has initiated programs aimed at bringing together older and younger people for purposeful and intentional intergenerational experiences.
Relative Caregivers Rock!
October 18, 2011
National Grandparents Day celebrations in Philadelphia. From the 15th Annual Grandparents Day Dinner held by Grands as Parents to a Legislative Roundtable with Senator Anthony H. Williams hosted by Turning Points for Children.
Intergenerational Games at Mt. Lebanon Village, PA
October 17, 2011
Mt. Lebanon Village held its annual intergenerational summer games on August 13th. Activities included a one-mile run/walk, zumba, tai chi, soccer, checkers, chess and a picnic.The games provide a chance to exercise, raise money for and increase awareness of Mt. Lebanon Village.
The Lutheran Home at Kane (PA) Receives Generations United’s Intergenerational Shared Site Award
October 16, 2011
The Generations United (GU) Intergenerational Shared Site Award honors an individual or organization that has made outstanding contributions to uniting the generations through intergenerational shared sites (also know as age-integrated facilities). The 2011 award winner, is the Lutheran Home at Kane, PA.
Ohanarama Launches New Online Place for Families to Connect, Learn and Play
October 15, 2011
Ohanarama is safe place online where families connect, learn and play together. This community (Ohana means “family” in Hawaiian) engages extended family members of all ages by tapping into their natural social and competitive spirit through quizzes, contests and fun family games.
Report on Localism and Neighborhoods for all Ages
October 12, 2011
This article appeared in the April 2011 edition of the International Longevity Centre–UK (ILC-UK) newsletter
MetLife Study on Grandparenting
October 12, 2011
The number of grandparents in the United States has hit a record high and is growing. In general, grandparents are younger, financially comfortable and bestowing a good deal of their money on grandchildren, according to a new report by the MetLife Mature Market Institute. Contrary to the stereotypical "grandma" and "grandpa" of yesteryear, today's grandparents are far from dependent. In fact, they are more likely to be sharing their resources with their children and grandchildren.
Study: Kids Safer with Grand-parents Driving (July 19, 2011)
October 12, 2011
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia studied insurance claims data involving accidents where children were injured or killed. The study revealed that contrary to the common belief that older drivers are more likely to get involved in car accidents 90% of the accidents happened when a parent was in the driver's seat. Grandparents tend to be more cautious when their grandchildren are in the car. This is good news for the US, as many baby boomers are now grandparents.
State Scorecards on Long-Term Services
October 12, 2011
Results of first-ever scorecard measuring state performance in providing long-term services and support to older adults and people with disabilities.
Report on Costs and Contributions of Family Caregiving
October 12, 2011
Valuing the Invaluable: 2011 Update: The Growing Contributions and Costs of Family Caregiving. In 2009, about 42.1 million family caregivers in the U.S. provided care to an adult with limitations in daily activities at any given point in time, and about 61.6 million provided care at some time during the year. The estimated economic val-ue of their unpaid contributions was approximately $450 billion.
“In-Law Units” Help Homeowners Pay Bills
October 11, 2011
A recent article in USA Today talks about “In-law units” and how they help homeowners pay bills and care for relatives.
University of South Alabama Launches Center for Generational Studies
October 11, 2011
The University of South Alabama and the Via Health, Fitness and Enrichment Center have established the new Center for Generational Studies with the primary goal of improving the quality of life for Gulf Coast residents across the lifespan. Dr. Roma Hanks, director of programs in gerontology and chair of the department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, will serve as the academic/research director of the Center.
From the Editor
June 20, 2011
Topics for the spring 2011 newsletter include: Intergenerational Workshop at Penn State's 4-H Leadership Conference, Relative Caregivers Rock!, Journal of intergenerational Relationships and other reports & resources
Age Wave: An Intergenerational Workshop at Penn State’s 4-H Leadership Conference
June 19, 2011
Workshops offered at the annual 4-H Leadership conference aimed at stimulating vibrant discussion about how different generations view and experience the world
Relative Caregivers Rock!
June 18, 2011
Highlights of the “Helping Hands Intergenerational and Resource Conference for Grandparents and Other Kinship Caregivers of Children”
The Journal of Intergenerational Relationships
June 17, 2011
Overview of the journal - each issue presents cutting-edge writing on intergenerational topics.
Article Discusses Starting “The Talk” with Mom and Dad
June 16, 2011
How to approach those difficult conversations with older parents concerning decisions around health and living situations.
Online Guide and Toolkit (Centre for Intergenerational Practice, UK)
June 16, 2011
The Centre for Intergenerational Practice (CIP) is publishing tested ideas and materials as best-practice guides and toolkits for use by Local Authorities, Voluntary and Community sectors and Central Government Departments
Future Care Planning Guide—A Roadmap for Family Caregivers
June 15, 2011
This guide offers assistance and a planning process for family caregivers on how to care for a person with developmental disabilities. The guide has information about financial and legal issues and provides “10 Tips for Family Caregivers.”
Websites with Activity Ideas for Grandparents and Grandchildren
June 15, 2011
Sharing time and making memories with grandchildren--what could be more fun! If you are able to travel with your grandchildren, here are some great destinations and travel tips. You don't have to leave home, however, to enjoy these books, toys, games, crafts and projects. There are also ideas for making family celebrations more special.
Civic Engagement in an Older America
June 15, 2011
The Gerontological Society of America (GSA)’s civic engagement project has released a publication that highlights and advances research on civil engagement in later life.
Policy Priorities
June 15, 2011
We are pleased to release the Generations United Public Policy Agenda for the 112th Congress. The agenda, created by the Generations United public policy committee, Board of Directors and staff, provides guidance for our educational and advocacy efforts to promote intergenerational public policy and create a world that values all generations.
Penn State’s Website for Relative Caregiver Programs and Resources in Pennsylvania
June 14, 2011
New website on kinship by Penn State
Campaign to Assist Victims of the Earthquakes, Tsunami, and Nuclear Explosion in Japan
June 14, 2011
Multigenerational Households are Increasing
June 14, 2011
Multigenerational households are growing and their numbers accelerating. In 2010, the number was 7.1 million (6.1% of all households)
From the Editor
March 20, 2011
Topics include: Penn State's Kinship Care Resources, Penn State's Relatives as Parents Program (RAPP), and a "Family Finding" model to both locate and engage relatives of children living in foster care
Penn State Extension— Relatives as Parents Program (RAPP)
March 18, 2011
This Penn State Extension RAPP program aims to help relative caregiver families in Pennsylvania to find needed information, resources, and support services.
Relative Caregivers Rock!
March 17, 2011
Imagine if you got a phone call telling you that you have a 15-year-old grandson that you never knew about! What might your reaction be? Shock? Denial? Anger?
New Resource: An Introductory Guide to Intergenerational Programs (In Spanish)
March 16, 2011
Good news for those working in Spanish speaking countries and communities and who are on the lookout for intergenerational programming resources in Spanish.
Talking it Through: Communication Skills for Mentors
March 15, 2011
This interactive website presents 13 video stories with real mentors, real youth and real situations that illustrate common challenges and proven strategies for mentoring.
Highlights from Global Action on Aging Newsletters
March 14, 2011
Topics include: 5 Questions to Ask Your Mother or Grandmother, Smart Ways to Care for Caregivers, Gray, Green, and Active: Environmental Volunteerism Benefits Older Adults and Society, and Vacation Groups That Span Three Generations Are Growing.
Articles From "Generations This Week" Newsletter
March 14, 2011
by Generations United. Includes: Family Matters Summit Makes Intergenerational Connections and the value of Multigenerational Workplaces
Report on Models of Care for Older Adults with Multiple Conditions
March 13, 2011
Looking at four successful models of care for older adults with multiple chronic conditions from 1990-2010.
Factsheet on Building Better Workplaces for Family Caregivers
March 13, 2011
The National Partnership for Women and Families recently released a fact sheet on employed family caregivers and the challenges they face in the workplace. The fact sheet highlights the conflicts caregivers face when they are forced to choose between caring for a lovedone or keeping their job.