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Film Screening and Panel Discussion on February 20, 2018: "Zero Weeks - America's Family Leave Crisis and the Cost of Doing Nothing"
Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
John Bill Freeman Auditorium (117 HUB)


Pennsylvania's first screening of the new documentary Zero Weeks about America's family leave crisis followed by a panel discussion.

About the film
Most Americans agree that family comes first. No matter where you work or what zip code you live in, you should be able to welcome a new child, to care for your mother when she has her knee replaced or to heal from cancer without facing financial disaster.
And yet in 2016, only 14 percent of private sector workers in the U.S. reported having paid family leave through an employer; less than 40 percent have personal medical leave through an employer-provided temporary disability program.
Weaving powerful stories together with insightful interviews from leading policy makers, economists, researchers and activists, Zero Weeks lays out a compelling argument for guaranteed paid leave for every American worker. The film looks at paid leave from an emotional, medical, financial and global perspective.


  • Anne Ard, Ph.D, Executive Director, Centre County Women's Resource Center, Member, PA Commission for Women
  • Ky Dickens, Director and Producer, Zero Weeks
  • Allyson S. Huggins, MD, Mount Nittany Physician Group, Pediatrics
  • Matt Kaplan, Ph.D, Professor, Intergenerational Programs and Aging, Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology and Education, Penn State
  • Kara Lawler, M.A.Ed., English Department Chair, Grier School, Writer at, Co-Author, A Letter for Every Mother
  • Regan Long, Co-Author, A Letter for Every Mother, Entrepreneur
  • Jill Wood, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Penn State
More information about the event is available ONLINE.