"Stump your Relative" Game

for family members and friends at least one generation apart


  • To help young people and older adults get to know more about the life experiences of people in other age groups.
  • To stimulate dialogue about intergenerational similarities and differences.


  • Pair up with one or more family members or friends who are from other generations.
  • Have each participant gathers a few items that people in their generation tend to know a lot about.  For example, a child might select a "finger bike" and an older adult might select a "fountain pen".  (Items can also be selected from the TRIAL intergenerational toolboxes curriculum.)
  • For each item, let relatives/friends guess what it is. (Give hints if needed.)
  • Once relatives/friends guess what the item is (or give up guessing), provide additional information about how the item is used.

Examples of "stump your relative" items: