Appendix 2: ICZ Workgroup Participants

List of Participants attending the ICZ "Think Tank" meeting hosted by the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing (June 26, 2015)


Current position



Jaco Hoffman

[Host] Senior Research Fellow

Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

Matt Kaplan

[Facilitator] Prof., Intergenerational Programs & Aging

Penn State University

Mariano Sanchez

[Facilitator] Assoc. Prof., Sociology

University of Granada

Alan Hatton-Yeo, MBE

[Facilitator] Lead

Age Friendly Communities Wales, Communities for All Ages, UK

Susan Langford, MBE

[Facilitator] Director

Magic Me (London)

Claudia Azevedo

Doctoral Student (Gerontology) and Visiting Fellow [Thesis: Intergenerational Sustainable Education Programs: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives ]

University of Porto (Portugal), Visitor Fellow at Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, and Research Officer at LARNA (Latin American Research Network on Ageing)

Patricia O'Neill

Ph.D. and Juris Doctor (Law) [Thesis: Chinese Daughters Negotiating Contemporary Norms and Traditional Filial Obligations ]

Contemporary China Studies,

School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies (SIAS),

University of Oxford

Pia Jolliffe (previously "Vogler")

Visiting Research Fellow

Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

Jason Danely

Senior Lecturer on the anthropology faculty. [Expert on Japan]

Oxford Brookes University

Suzanne Hammad

Research fellow and author [ "Senses of place in flux: a generational approach," International Jl. of Sociology and Social Policy, 31 (9/10), 555-568]

Affiliated with INTRAC (International NGO Training and Research Centre at Oxford) and Sch. of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work, Queen's Univ. Belfast, UK

Atulya Saxena

M.D., Doctoral student [Thesis: Globalization, Health and Ageing]

Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

Paul Ayernor

AFRAN Research Officer and Doctoral student

Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

Leng Leng


[participated via Skype]

Associate Professor, Japanese Studies. [Emphasis areas: cultural anthropology, intergenerational relationships, social gerontology, migration]

Department of Japanese Studies, National University of Singapore

Individuals joining the ICZ workgroup/listserve after the June 2015, Oxford Inst. of Population Ageing meeting.


Current position



Emanuela Bianchera

Knowledge Management Specialist

United Nations Children's Fund, Office of Research - Innocenti (UNICEF)

Tim Jones

Senior Research Fellow,

Department of Planning,

Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development

Oxford Brookes University

George Leeson

Co-Director of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, and Fellow of the Galton Institute, Senior Research Fellow, Kellogg College

Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

Bob McNulty

President, Partners for Livable Communities (PLC)

PLC (Washington, D.C.)

Julie Melville

TREC Research Manager (University of Alberta), and European Projects Manager/Associate (Beth Johnson Foundation)

University of Alberta and Beth Johnson Foundation ;

Tom Quinlan

[works on castle restoration and repurposing projects]

Projects in Traskernagh and Loughrea (county of Galway, Ireland). Also works with

Suzuki/Morgan Architects, Ltd. (Honolulu, HI) 

Tom Scharf

Professor of Social Gerontology, Institute of Health & Society, and Newcastle University Institute for Aging


Newcastle University (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) 

Ben Spencer

Urban Design Researcher, School of the Built Environment

Oxford Brookes University

Catherine Whitehouse

Chief Educator and Founder, The Intergenerational Schools (TIS)


cwhitehouse@ tisonline. org

Peter Whitehouse

President, Intergenerational Schools International (ISI)


Eyu Zang

M.Arch graduate student

[Thesis: Challenging Age-Segregated Spaces: Designing Schools to Foster Intergenerational Living ]

National University of Singapore

Lisia Zheng

Doctoral student, Anthropology (UC Berkeley) [Thesis: Community, Design & the Anthropology of Sharing: A Study of American Cohousing], and Visiting Scholar, Penn State (2015-16)

UC Berkely. Also affiliated with Penn State University (Department of Agricultural, Economics, Sociology, and Education)

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Appendix 2: ICZ Workgroup Participants

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