An individualized professional development opportunity seeking to harness teacher agency to achieve awesome student learning impact. The CPPD is proud to facilitate a matching funding program for professional development opportunities.

Penn State TeachAg Professional Development involves:

  • Mastery
  • Autonomy
  • Purpose

Identify (click here to see a list of sites)

an area of professional growth that assists you in your #TeachAg journey as an agriscience educator

Remember, teacher professional development could include?

  • Technical Content
  • Pedagogy Development
  • Leadership Development of Teachers

Seek (Click here for a list of possible events to participate in)

Apply (click here to see a list of successful participants)

the opportunities you've identified. Send an e-mail with the following:

  • An Individual Professional Development Plan (examples provided, but you may present this information as you wish) that evidences connection of professional development opportunity to their purposeful development as a master educator
  • Evidence of matching funds (examples can be from school, professional organizations, individual contributions)
  • Agreement to provide a return on investment within one year of completion of training and description of possible formats being considered (you can finalized after attending the professional development)

Contribute (click here to see a list of reusable learning objects)

After participating in the professional development, identify a contribution to the professional learning community to share with within 12 months as a return on investment product. Contact Jon Seaman or Beth Mathie with questions or for additional information. 

**Note: Failure to complete ROI product will result in loss of eligibility of future funding opportunities from the CPPD. Share your thoughts on Twitter with #TeachAgDIY


To apply for DIY funding through the Center for Professional Personnel Development, please complete the following application in it's entirety:  


This page houses some frequently asked questions about the DIY program.