The following is a list of reusable learning objects that DIY participants have created for other teachers to use as a resource based on their experiences at the various workshops.

Teacher School District DIY Event Reusable Learning Object
Pontius, Krista Greenwood Pennsylvania Technology Conference (Hershey Lodge) 2017 Summer Conference Workshop

Webinar- Technology & Literacy Strategies

McIntire, Jenna Octorara CASE-Plant Assessment Data Collection Plan by June 2018
Nailor, Sherisa Big Spring CASE-Capston Workshop Spring 2018
Rippole (Schaefer), Carly Jean Derry PAEE Vlog

Click on Vlog to hear Carly's account of the PAEE Conference Reflection

PAAE PAAE Inquiry Institute Spring 2017 Workshop 20 Lesson plans by Summer 2017
Jarema, Diana Bermudian Springs CASE-Environmental Science PAAE Summer 2018 Workshop