Below are some tips that make working in Plone easier and more efficient.

  1. Use FIREFOX browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari)
  2. NEVER copy/paste text from Word or Email. If your original document is Microsoft Word (and you are using a PC), copy text and paste into NotePad (All Programs > Accessories > NotePad) Then copy and paste into your News item.
  3. NEVER use bold or ALL CAPs. Instead use the Plone options of Heading (H2) and Subheading (H3)

How to Add New Articles (News)

  1. Click on News
  2. In the right column (Archive) click on the current year. Once you are in the correct folder, you will have the option to add new items.
  3. In the green bar,click on Add New > News Item
  4. Plone is text box based... So you add the title, a description/summary and then body text. ** Remember the Microsoft problem within the body text area
  5. You also need to give the News Item a Date. Go to the second top navigation bar and click on the "Dates" button. Provide a publication date (Year, month, day)
  6. SAVE at the bottom of the page
  7. To publish this News item, go to the green bar and in the far right click on the down arrrow next to "Private". Change the status to Publish. Note the text color will change from RED to Blue/black

Fixing Existing News Articles

  1. Click on the Edit tab in green bar. The title and description/summary should be fine. Only the Body text area need work
  2. If you know html code ... you can click the HTML button in the body text tool bar (last one on the right). You can remove code
  3. Otherwise you can fix text right in the editor (remove capitals, get rid of excess spacing, get rid of breaks in titles, Add heading and subheading tags.