Frequently asked advising questions.

What are my responsibilities as the advisee and the adviser's responsibilities?

How do I find out the name of my adviser?

You can check LionPath under the "Academics" tab and also on Starfish under My Network

How do I schedule an appointment with an adviser?

You will use Starfish to schedule all appointments -

How and when do I declare a major?

In most cases, majors are declared during your fourth semester through a process known as Entrance to Major (ETM) on LionPATH. If you need or want to declare your major earlier, please refer to the chart listed here for specifics:

How and when do I declare a minor?

Once you have declared your major, you can add a minor by going to LionPATH under Update Academics and follow the instructions on how to add a minor.

How do I change my major?

Make an appointment with the adviser in the major you are planning to enter or contact the college that has your intended major (if it's not AESE).

How do I add a second major?

What do I do when the course I want is full?

How and when can I add a course?

How and when can I drop a course?

Why can't I enroll in this class?

For each class and each section of a class, there are Enrollment Requirements and Class Notes. Please use the Class Search option in LionPATH to search for the class and click on the section of interest to determine the enrollment requirements.

How do I transfer a course from another college and/or university to Penn State?

What is a Degree Audit?

The Penn State Academic Requirements/Degree Audit Report is a computer-generated report that matches the degree requirements of an undergraduate degree program with a student's course work taken. The report identifies those graduation requirements completed as well as those requirements needing completion prior to graduation. The purpose of the report is to track students' progress towards degree completion and assist in academic planning and appropriate course scheduling each semester. Students can obtain a report of their current major or for other majors to explore. This report can be obtained from LionPath under Academics>Panning&Degree Progress>Academic Requirements. If you are a pre-major, select "What-If Report" and select the appropriate boxes for your intended major.

How and when do I file intent to Graduate?

The activation period to apply for graduation is generally a week before classes start and extends approximately three weeks into the semester. Students may apply for graduation in LionPath under My Academics>Apply for Graduation.

What if I want to "walk" in the commencement ceremony?

Your request to "walk" in the ceremony will typically be approved if you have less than 8 credits or 2 classes left to complete your degree requirements. Please understand that an approval to "walk" in the ceremony is merely an approval to attend the ceremony. Your name will not be in the commencement program until the semester in which you activate your intent and complete all your degree requirements. Please email your adviser.

What is the University Bulletin and where can I access it?

The Undergraduate Bulletin is Penn State's comprehensive source for undergraduate academic information and program requirements. Find information on courses, majors, minors, and more.

It can be found here:

Where can I find more information on Policies and Procedures, if my question isn't listed here?

You can schedule an appointment with your adviser. You can also use various resources available to you such as:

The academic advising portal:

The College of Ag Forms and Procedures: