Pennsylvania Agritourism Activity Protection Act 27 of 2021

The new Pennsylvania Agritourism Activity Protection Act, which will be effective on August 29, 2021, is a welcome regulatory development for agritourism operators in Pennsylvania.

Working with Vendors at Your Agritourism Business

Contracting with vendors to provide additional products or experiences is a way for agritourism operators to enhance the visitor experience, however several issues should be fully considered prior to inviting a vendor to operate at their premises.

Virtual Farm Tours: Lehigh Valley

A series of videos showcasing Lehigh and Northampton Counties' various farms. Operations include distilleries, on farm markets, u-pick and more.

Penn State Extension Re-launches the PA Farm Finder with Agritourism Farms Added

A new tool for Pennsylvanians that want to spend more fun time outdoors and source their food locally.

Marketing Your Agritourism Business

Successful marketing of your agritourism business requires a sound strategy. This article provides guidance on developing a strategy to lessen and manage marketing risk.

Agritourism and COVID-19 in Pennsylvania

Lessons learned and moving forward: how are agritourism farms across Pennsylvania adapting to the pandemic?

Agritourism in Pennsylvania - Legal and Regulatory Issues

This article provides an overview of issues agricultural operators in Pennsylvania must consider if they would like to start or expand an agritourism operation.

Women in Agritourism: Perspectives on Risk Management

This series of videos highlights the perspectives and experiences of five women with different agritourism businesses on production, human resource, legal, and marketing risk management in Pennsylvania.

Agritourism in Pennsylvania 2019 Update

According to the 2017 U.S. Census of Agriculture, the number of farm operators reporting income from agritourism in Pennsylvania has decreased slightly since 2012.