Venturing Beyond the Pumpkin Patch – Expanding Diversification Options for Agritourism Operators in
the Northeast

This project will provide training on marketing and legal risks of agritourism diversification for small farms exploring different agritourism activities in the Northeast.

Co-PIs: Claudia Schmidt and Sarah Cornelisse

Northeast Risk Management Program, 2022 – 2023

Safety and Liability for Farms During COVID-19

This project is a collaboration with the University if Vermont. See here for more information.

Creating an Effective Support System For Small And Medium-Sized Farm Operators To Succeed In Agritourism

USDA NIFA – 2020-2023

The goal of the grant, funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is to develop and disseminate practical information that will allow rural communities and owners of small and medium-sized farms to benefit from the growing consumer interest in on-farm experiences. The project will be the first to examine the laws, regulations, and level of support for agritourism in each state and compare them with a set of economic indicators, analyzing why some counties are more effective at supporting agritourism enterprises. The team also will use social network analysis to understand how agritourism operators interact with one another and supporting organizations.

Critical Success Factors for Advancing Beer Tourism in Pennsylvania

Liquor Control Board, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – 2019-2021

A Strategic Assessment of Agritourism Opportunities in Pennsylvania

Extension Impact Grant, Penn State Extension – 2018-2020

Risk Management Strategies for Female Agritourism Operators in Pennsylvania

Northeast Risk Management Program, 2019 – 2020 (completed)