These reports look at trends in Pennsylvania agriculture. Data in each report comes from the USDA’s Census of Agriculture.

Understanding Pennsylvania Agriculture: 2017 Update

PDF document, 9.9 MB

Using maps and figures, this report provides a graphic update on the number of farms, land in farms, agricultural product sales, farm incomes, and information on farm operators by county in Pennsylvania in 2017.

Short report: Small Farms in Pennsylvania in 2017

PDF document, 2.9 MB

Agriculture in Pennsylvania is diverse. However, the major differences in farm size often are overlooked when people discuss Pennsylvania farming, as is the important role played by the Commonwealth’s smallest farms. This report explores key characteristics of Pennsylvania's small farms, including where they are, what they produce, how much they sell, how much land they use, and who operates them.

Short report: Impacts of Small Farms in Pennsylvania in 2017

PDF document, 902.9 KB

Small farms in Pennsylvania are often overlooked when people talk about agriculture. Though small farms far outnumber larger farms, they contribute relatively little to total agricultural production in Pennsylvania. Narrowly focusing on the value of their agricultural sales misses the reasons many small farms are operated and the important roles they play. This report explores the roles that Pennsylvania small farms play within the agricultural and statewide economy.

Short report: Agricultural Land Use in PA in 2017

PDF document, 3.4 MB

This report examines agricultural land use in PA, including how much farmland is in the state and in each county and how that land is used.

Short report: Age of PA Farm Producers in 2017

PDF document, 1.3 MB

This report explores the age of producers in PA, including how age varies across farm size, market value of ag sales, and types of agricultural production.

Short report: Male and Female PA Farm Producers in 2017

PDF document, 1.4 MB

This report looks at differences between male and female producers in PA in terms of how much they sell, where they produce, and what they produce.

Pennsylvania Agriculture - Where the Action Is (2012 Census of Ag data)

PDF document, 2.7 MB

This report, featuring many maps and graphs, looks at major trends in Pennsylvania agriculture using data from the 2012 Census of Agriculture.