Facilitation Tools and Strategies Resources

Effective Engagement: building relationships with community and other stakeholders; Book 3: The Engagement Toolbox, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victoria AU.

Resource Guide on Public Engagement, National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation.

Engagement and Governance Resources

Lemmie, V., Democracy Beyond the Ballot Box: A New Role for Elected Officials, City Managers, and Citizens, National Academy of Public Administration and the Kettering Foundation

Matthews, D., The Ecology of Democracy Finding Ways to Have a Stronger Hand in Shaping our Future, 2014, Kettering Foundation Press

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Civic Engagement in Public Policies: A Toolkit, United Nations Publications, 2007, ST/ESA/PAD/SER.E/106


Civic engagement and Governance, in How's Life?: Measuring Well-being, OECD (2011), OECD Publishing.