Engagement Toolbox

Effective community engagement seeks to better engage the community to achieve long-term and sustainable outcomes, processes, relationships, discourse, and decision-making in a community-context sensitive environment.

Engagement is not generally driven by a ‘model’ so much as by a framework of guiding principles, strategies, and approaches. This framework is based on principles that respect the right of all community members to be informed, consulted, involved and empowered and employs and range of tools and strategies to ensure success It also places a premium on fostering and enhancing trust as a critical element in long-term, sustainable engagement and effective governance.

The tools and resources provided here are intended to help you assess your engagement needs, plan for effective strategies and processes, as well as implement and monitor your engagement efforts.

Community Conflict: Finding Middle Ground

A 12-part video series titled Community Conflict: Finding Middle Ground, was developed to explore some of the issues at the heart of what have become polarizing community conversations around resource development.

Penn State Extension educators Tom Murphy, Walt Whitmer, and Dan Brockett examine issues such as social license, building trust, how to frame the issue, effective community engagement, debunking myths, and building networks.

Along the way, you'll learn tips and strategies for your professional toolbox to help you facilitate and build trust in the communities where you live and work.

The video series is available at no cost through Penn State Extension.