The Great Recession of 2008 is history and at first glance the Pennsylvania economy appears to have emerged unscathed. Total employment declined a mere -0.3% during 2008-14 – a loss of 190,000-plus jobs in the first year of the Recession was offset by five years of growth restoring employment to near pre-recession high in 2014. The minimal decline in total employment 2008-14 suggests a static, no growth job scene in Pennsylvania during the six years of Recession to recovery. However - a drill down to industries reveals jobs on the move with continual gains and losses in hundreds of industries during 2008-14. The wide range of job gains and losses among industries 2008-14 raises the question: What was the real impact of the Recession and recovery on jobs and industries in Pennsylvania? This report looks in-depth at job change in 19 Major industries and 256 Detailed industries in Pennsylvania during 2008-14. Special focus is on the impact of the Recession