Question: Does acting ethically mean the same thing as being a good person? Share this video with people you admire as a good person and see if they come to different decisions in this scenario

Based on this video ask your classmates whether it is possible for two devout people of the same religious faith to make different decisions in this train scenario.

Are all these words synonyms for the word 'ethical'?

Make a list of these words and define them in your own words:

  • ethical
  • justice
  • equality
  • legal

What is the difference between ethics and bioethics?

Does is seem to you as though there are no clear right answers in ethics?

Does this annoy you or make you curious?

Does studying subjects like math, science and English seem more important to succeeding in life than studying ethics?

This question will help you decide whether studying ethics is important?

Perhaps next month or 50 years from now a parent, grandparent your pet or a loved one may be diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. They will be given weeks to live. During this time their lungs may fill with fluid and they will experience the feeling of drowning. But it is also possible this will not happen. The doctor will ask you whether you would like to withhold giving your loved one food and water so that their body will shut down before the fluid accumulates in their lungs. It may take one to three weeks for someone to die due to lack of food and water. Therefore the decision has to be made before the fluid begins accumulating. Which decision is in the best interest of your loved one if they can not decide for themselves? Can you imagine feeling regret after making either decision?