In the introductory module students answer the scenarios on gut-feel alone. 

In the intermediate module, students are introduced to ethical frameworks through videos and brief readings.

In this advanced module, students are introduced to one decision making framework.

Invite students to contrast the similarities and differences in their ethical decision making before and after completing this advanced module. 

Recapping instructions:

A suggestion:

Review the step-by-step I.S.S.U.E.S decision making framework with the class.

Have students count off 1-5.

Have all the respective students with the same number regroup.

Assign each of the 5 scenarios to the respective groups.

Give the students 10-15 minutes to work individually in order to answer their respective scenario.

Then ask the students to form 3-5 person small groups among students with like numbers.

Give 15-20 minutes for them to formulate a group answer.

What are ethical frameworks
What is a decision making framework?
Scenario 1: What does fair mean when distributing treatment for a pandemic?
Scenario 2: Using animals to grow organs for people
Scenario 3: Who do you save?
Scenario 4: Funding health insurance
Scenario 5: Do you tolerate uncertainty about innocence in the face of the death penalty?