Posted: January 26, 2022

Watch the recording from our conversation with Allyson Muth about her approach to engaging private landowners in forest stewardship learning and decision-making.

Session Description

Caring well for the forests of the eastern US means helping the people who own the land understand their options, outcomes of their decisions, as opposed to telling them the "best" solution for the land. While trained to be an "expert" forester, experiences in the field led me to question that model of interaction, instead seeking out strategies to facilitate learning and decision making, and helping landowners engage differently with their land and those who can help them with the process.

Storyteller Bio

Allyson Muth is the Director of the Center for Private Forests at Penn State and an Assistant Research Professor in Private Forests Management. The Center for Private Forests operates at the intersection of people and forests - working out of a deep understanding of the people who own and care for the woods, and using applied research to meet the needs and advance the understanding of landowners, partners, and other stakeholders. 

About the Series

Stories from the Field is a conversation series on community engagement and applied research. The series is designed to bring academics and practitioners together for informal discussions about the challenges and opportunities of doing work with communities, businesses, and the public sector. Stories from the Field is hosted by Penn State's Center for Economic and Community Development, an applied research center dedicated to strengthening local and regional development in Pennsylvania and beyond.